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FAQ and Benefits

How much does it cost?

Window film will cost between $5.50 and $13.00 per sqft. Some determining factors include total square footage, type of film, window accessibility and if a ladder will be used. A detailed quote will be given after a free in-home/office consultation. 

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Most films provide residential customers with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty and commercial customers with 10-15 year warranty.

Do I really NEED window tint?  

Nope.  But, installing window tint in your home or office has been outed as the #1 retro-fit, cost effective way to make your home more energy efficient and help reduce energy costs.   Your return on investment(R.O.I) can be seen in as little as 2 years! Combine that with improving HVAC efficiency,  now you can start to see why window film is looked at as an investment more than an luxury expense. 

Will it help with fading?

Absolutely. Think of  all the money you’ve spent on furnishing your home or office floor to ceiling. Window film will help protect them from fading  by providing a 99% reduction in harmful UV rays, reduce visible light transmission and cut back on “solar heat gain” which are all major contributing factors to fading. 


Any other benefits?

Say goodbye to angling the television or closing the drapes to watch a movie or game. Window film can  reduce glare up to 85% and reduce hot spots in the house, making your home more comfortable throughout the day. In case of that foul ball  from the kids baseball, window film will help the window from totally shattering! It may even deter a possible break in if a window can’t be shattered on impact. We should love our neighbors, but the added privacy doesn’t hurt from those noisy neighbors, a passerby or potential thieves. We can’t leave out  that window tint is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and enhances curb appeal to any home. 

How do I clean my windows after window film is applied?

After the 30-45 day curing process it takes for window film to properly adhere, windows can be cleaned as they always have. Avoid abrasives and ammonia, as abrasives will scratch and mar the film/tint and ammonia will breakdown the film. Or better yet, call us! I’d be more than happy clean them for you 🙂